Helping You Bring Your Best to Those You Serve

How we help:

Reviewing your diabetes education programs and services to increase impact

  • Training your team to become better educators
  • Writing engaging content for consumer and patient audiences
  • Advising on getting your diabetes services ready for Recognition or Accreditation
  • Troubleshooting solutions that address challenges you face in delivering outstanding care
  • Delivering engaging presentations to consumer and/or healthcare professional audiences
  • and more.....

A message from Melinda: I am passionate about improving diabetes and nutrition education. Whether it involves increasing access to services, designing and conducting training programs or creating better resources for healthcare providers or patients, I will help you improve and expand the reach of the services you offer. My experience has ranged from participating and directing local diabetes education programs, to managing national and international programs. I have worked with diverse groups including healthcare systems, both for-profit and non-profit organizations, and national policy leaders. I work with an extensive team of expert consultants to ensure all of your needs can be met. All of these efforts have been in line with my goal of providing better diabetes care for more people through creative and engaging solutions.