Meet Melinda

Melinda Maryniuk is an award winning diabetes educator with over 35 years of experience bringing innovative education resources to patients, healthcare professionals and organizations.

As Director of Care Programs for Joslin Diabetes Center, she worked to improve diabetes education services with leading diabetes centers around the country. She has developed and delivered training programs for physicians, diabetes educators, medical office assistants, employees in diabetes business units, as well as people affected by diabetes.

Melinda has worked on diabetes education projects around the world including China, India, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. Through Melinda’s extensive global and national experience, she draws from a wide network of experts to ensure diverse needs and deadlines can be met.

Currently, Melinda is the Lead Diabetes Educator for Diabetes- What to Know and for My Weight - What to Know, an educational resource and Facebook community for people with type 2 diabetes and for those managing overweight or obesity.

Recent publications include:

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